wThe foundation for all Winning ‘s activities and programs is the Winning Model – developed by our team as a practical, teachable method for becoming a Winner. Based on in-depth research that revealed the true DNA of Winners, their behavior and special mindset, our model enables any team or organization to become a Winner in its own environment, by applying a clear, logical and methodical set of principles.

The Winner‘s DNA

According to our Winning equation, a Winner is an individual (or a team, or a whole organization) who:

  1. Delivers the best possible results time after time, mission after mission, regardless of the given circumstances, challenges and limitations.
  2. Continually maximizes his/her potential, but still committed to breaking his/her own PB (Personal Best) and glass ceilings, time and time again.
  3. Makes the right rational decisions, even under extreme emotional pressure!
  4. Consistently and persistently fights and wins the hardest battle of all – the battle against the self

Ultimately, it is crucial to understand that being a Winner is not a title, an inborn talent or a birthright. It is something that must (and can) be earned day by day, through hard work, close introspection and constant improvement.

And achieving it earns you with the greatest satisfaction of all!  

“Being a Winner means being able to overcome your inner self, repeatedly and systematically, even against all odds.”

Yehuda Shinar, Founder of Winning Enterprises

Winning Principles

PRM (Personal Resource Management)
The primary skill taught at Winning seminars and lectures, enabling the true Winner to win the hardest battle of all – the battle against oneself – leading to rational decisions and top performance even under highly emotional circumstances.
The underlying process that drives PRM – a constant real-time monitoring of one’s personal performance, identifying both winning moves and errors,   recognizing success as well as failure, thereby enabling continual and immediate improvement.
COM (Competition Management)
A specific brand of PRM, specially designed for highly competitive arenas where Winning is the name of the game – whereby Winning consistently produces world class competitors.

“Winning is a habit”

Leo Durocher (American baseball pro)

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