Winning Enterprises Ltd. is a trailblazing Excellence Training venture, founded upon 25 years of research that revealed the true DNA of Being a Winner.

Established in 1996 by entrepreneur and strategic consultant Yehuda Shinar, Winning Enterprises Ltd. applies the practical Winning Model, providing teams and organizations with an effective practical toolbox for creating and maintaining a Winning mindset.

Endorsed by Israel’s Innovation Authority and adopted by the Israeli Air Force. Today Winning Enterprises Ltd. specializes in creating Winners, Winning Teams & Winning Organizations around the globe.

Winning – that’s the most important to me. It’s as simple as that.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

Our Mission

Our Mission at Winning is to make the meta-skill of Winning accessible to all, through our methodological training model – based on a very clear, well-outlined series of Do’s & Don’ts.   

About the Founder

Yehuda Shinar is an entrepreneur and strategic advisor, developer of the WINNING Model, Founder & Director of Winning Enterprises Ltd., and author of Think Like a Winner, published by Random Books.

Intrigued, like many of us, with the concept of Winning – Who is a Winner? What makes a Winner? Can anyone become a Winner? – Yehuda spent over 25 years investigating winners, and what makes them so special. His astounding findings served as the foundation for his Winning Model, followed by the establishment of Winning Enterprises Ltd., which spreads this eye-opening methodology worldwide.

Endorsed by Israel’s Innovation Authority, and applied in the training of pilots for the Israeli Airforce, the model, led by Yehuda, has propelled successful strategies at numerous organizations, including: Royal Bank of Scotland, Scottish Institute of Sport, UK Sport, Capital Radio, Nat West, London Stock Exchange, Leonardo Hotels Chain in Europe and many others. One achievement, of which Yehuda is particularly proud, was his key involvement in what is still considered England’s greatest sporting achievement: winning the Rugby World cup in 2003. Yehuda also offers an academic seminar on the WINNING Model at a leading Israeli College of Management.

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