Yehuda Shinar - Winning Enterprises Ltd. 


WINNING is an Israeli company with expertise in the phenomenon of being a winner – What makes a winner? Over 25 years of exhaustive study, Yehuda Shinar has been investigating the phenomenon of Winning through interviews and intense work with elite performers from a wide range of professions. The leap into Shinar's research on Winning yehuda looking aheadbegan as part of the "Incubators" Program of Israel's Chief Scientist. WINNING's flagship product is the "Winner Model" - the outcome of Winning’s exhaustive research leading to the pioneering ability to provide concrete, practical answers to questions such as: • Who are winners? • How do they maintain continuous successes, even in highly challenging and competitive environments? • Is there a common link between winners? • Are we talking here of an acquired competence? • If so, how can one learn to become a winner as a skill in its own right? As a result of Shinar's empirical work on identifying and creating Winners among key organizations in Israel and internationally, his training programs reveal and demonstrate that Winning is not merely limited to the boundaries of people's natural talents in a given field, but is rather a particular pattern of behavior that can be learned, internalized and applied as a life skill. For years Shinar has been very successfully exporting the unique knowledge he has gathered about both locating and creating Winners.

In sport

  • Rugby World Cup in 2003 [a key partner in what is considered one of the greatest achievements in British sport;
  • Blackburn Rovers win in the English Football youth Championship
  • Considerable work with UK Sport – the body that trains British Olympic athletes and trainers, etc.

In business

  • A wide range of international companies and organizations.
  • As a Winning speaker at numerous events – Israel, Europe, the USA

In education

  • An integral part of the Leonardo hotel chain Management Academy;
  • Recently been chosen by the Israel College of Management to be part of a leadership course that earns its participants academic credits.

In security

  • Israeli Air Force

Shinar's book, Think like a Winner , was published by Random House, which also published the renowned book Who Moved my Cheese? "The only difference between those who are Winners and those who are not is that winners are ready and willing to do what others just won’t do"…

In WINNING we teach what exactly winners do to win.