Winning Gains

  • The organization acquires a language, the importance of which lies in the fact that it unifies all its people around the same principles of winning conduct
  • The tremendous importance of every member of the team being their own coach is that everyone, at their own workstation, becomes trained and skilled in optimal decision-making for almost any given situation.
  • Everyone in the organization learns how to become their own coach.
  • As such they upgrade themselves both as independent decision-makers and as effective and purposeful performers each at his or her own workstation.
  • Position holders are skilled, practiced and accustomed to debriefing themselves honestly and bravely as
  • Winners do. The finger is always pointed inwards…
  • As a result, the whole system becomes a learning community and consequently constantly improves.
  • Excellence becomes the de facto organizational culture. This is a direct result of the instilling of codes, tools and patterns of Winning conduct among the entire staff.