Being a winner is always the integration of the following 3 elements:


1. Warriors motivate themselves by believing deeply not only that they deserve it but that they literally owe it to
themselves to be on the side of those who succeed.
2. They control their mind set: They understand and always remind themselves that what they might relate to as too hard or even impossible, might be pressurizing yet still a stimulating challenge for someone else…
3. As a result, they are totally focused on beating themselves, willing to confront this harshest obstacle and the toughest fight of all. The inner fight. That’s where the real struggle lies.


1. Responsible for translating the strong and genuine motivation to succeed into optimal decision making
2. Knowing that at the end of the day everything we do is the result of the decisions we take, they strictly apply the principles of T-CUP (Thinking Correctly Under Pressure) – a user-friendly ‘manual’ of 12 rules for winning decision-making.


1. A key prerequisite/platform for translating those winning decisions into winning behavior.
2. Winners courageously debrief themselves! By applying a special, state-of-the art method of self-examination, they learn meticulously from both their successes and failures – hence they keep on getting better, continuously breaking their own PB. That’s what characterizes winners the most!
Becoming a Winner is no longer just a wet dream – it’s a right that can be practically attained! The only difference between those who are winners and those who are not is that winners are ready and willing to do what others just won’t do…