Selected quotes from his best-selling book Winning from Sir Clive Woodward, former manager and head coach of the England Rugby team who led to what is considered the greatest sporting achievement of all time in England: winning the 2003 World Championship.

I found his insights stimulating, his conclusions amazing.
His winning behaviors covered areas like identifying opportunities, decisiveness, time management, momentum, self-control and one –on-one situations.
It was one of the most remarkable assessment of the competitive situation I’d ever heasrd

I’d just never heard anyone stating so simply and clearly what were obvious truths about winning. It was exactly the link I’d been searching for.

Not only he had worked out the key mental skills of the true winner, he’d also unvented a computer simulator along with a detailed curriculum that could train anyone to master the skills of mental competitive advantage.

YEHUDA, however, showed me how a set of behaviors covering areas beyond just the key parts of our game could be clearly set down and consequently managed to achieve success.

“He had a phrase called “Correctly Thinking Under Pressure”. Despite being useless at Scrabble it didn’t take me long to put it into the really English context of T-CUP: Thinking Correctly Under pressure! That’s what we had been missing….”
There is no greater critical component of success in sport, in either a team or an individual context, than the ability to THINK CORRECTLY UNDER PRESSURE.

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