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Winning Intelligence – An Acquirable Skill


The prerequisite for generating continuous wins and repeated successes, as opposed to one-time or sporadic achievements, is first and foremost being a winner.

The prerequisite for being a winner is possessing high Winning Intelligence.


In a nutshell, WINNING INTELLIGENCE is the ability to think correctly and make the right decisions (T-CUP), even when under pressure and in a competitive situation, coupled with the ability to translate those decisions into moves and actions executed at the highest possible performance level.


Since Winning Intelligence in general, and T-CUP in particular, are based on, and the product of, a clear and well defined set of "Do and Don’t" rules, it makes them a skill just like any other skill which can be learned, practiced, improved and acquired.


Instructing and strengthening Winning Intelligence - a winner's finest quality - is our mission and well proven expertise.



What Makes a Winner

What does being a winner mean?
What are winners made of?
Is there any common denominator among winners?

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Are you a winner?

Deep inside we all want to be part of a winning framework…Hence we feel very confident being surrounded by winners; we want our staff to be winners, our athletes, our children – and we want to be winners too…

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The Winning Game

Learn to be a winner with a revolutionary new computer game. The Winning Game is an innovative games based learning tool which enhances your ability to think correctly and to make the right decisions under pressure.

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In "Think Like A Winner", Yehuda Shinar has taken on an ambitious task: to change the mindset of people  from pessimistic settlers into self-confident, driven winners....
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What makes a Winner?

What does being a winner mean?                                                                           
What are winners made of?
Is there any common denominator among winners?

Yehuda Shinar, the founder of Winning Enterprises, launched an eighteen-year study to answer these questions of what makes a winner.

This fascinating pioneer voyage into the world and mind of numerous winners, revealed the secret of their success and how they attained their substantial level of achievement in their respective fields of interest.

So, what makes a winner?

Is it their talent?   Is it their IQ?    Or maybe it's just a question of being lucky? 

You might be surprised to discover that it is NONE OF THE ABOVE...

Before we go on let’s just check these out…

Is it TALENT?   Well, how many people do you know who are extremely talented in their respective field but who find it difficult to actually deliver-  either because they become too hasty -  or  they simply ”freeze” at a critical moment?
In complete contrast – we all know these fantastic deliverers who are not necessarily considered “pure talent”, “naturals” etc., people  who may possess an average talent and yet you really want them on your team because of their outstanding performance (winning skills) and level of conduct – especially at the money time…knowing they might make all the difference to you and your team and may even end up as the MVP of the game?

Being Lucky?     Well, luck may be there for you once in a while.  Yet, when talking of repeated success – let alone the ability to avoid repeating the same mistakes – what has luck got to do with it?

The findings of the Winning Enterprises investigation into what makes a winner, along with its vast practical experience, clarify the mystery of what makes a winner by providing us with the following definition of winners:

Winners are those who are capable of:

   1. Repeatedly maximizing their potential even when under pressure and in competitive scenarios.

   2. Demonstrating constant improvement in their respective field.  Winning Enterprises' study and practical work with high-profile winners, either from competitive sports, the defence industry or the business world, clearly show there is no correlation between the extent of the achievement and the level of talent in the given area or the IQ level of the winners, not even at the highest levels.

So - if it’s neither the talent, nor the IQ level, nor luck – what is it that gives some people the upper hand over others who may be more gifted and intelligent than they are?

It must be something else!

The answer, which is solidly supported by our vast empirical experience in working with winners, is a special quality we at Winning Enterprises choose to name: Winning Intelligence.

Winning Intelligence comprises a number of elements – all of which are acquirable as explained clearly in the Winning Model.


The practical significance of Winning Intelligence is that as a skill, it can be learned, practiced, developed and improved.


Something to think about.... 

The well-known phenomenon known as being a "late bloomer" or a "slow starter" is the strongest proof that being a winner is not predestined in terms of "yes or no", but is actually an acquirable and developable capacity! Just like any other skill!


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Winners Corner

Desired success

As part of creating the opportunity for desired success, winners practice and perfect so much that it ends up looking like a pure gift or talent, when in fact it is the result of a tremendous amount of work.

Winning behaviour

“...Winning behavior is a skill which anyone can learn, practice, acquire - and improve..."

I can do this!

By stating that you cannot do something, you shut down all your systems and block any chance of finding a solution. When you change your mind set to “I can do this!” you activate all your systems, including a "ray of light" that will illuminate the path to the solution.

Rules of the T-CUP


Winning and excelling

"...You may not excel in any field - but you can practice, improve and succeed at anything you touch..."

Taking charge


Winners - who are they?

Winners do not belong to an all-powerful elite, even if that’s how it often seems… Winners are first and foremost practical perfectionists who invest much more than the average person, who are determined to place themselves squarely on the winning side. Let no one have the ability or the permission to deny you that right!