Our Services

Winning is a unique training platform השירותים שלנוthat is highly esteemed in the corporate and professional competitive
sports worlds, in education and in defense organizations. It helps present, teach and practice the strategy and self-management style behind the exceptional successes of Winners. The natural clients of Winning are everyone whose everyday life takes place in competitive arenas that function under great pressure.

Our training programs include a wide selection of options, all adapted to the needs of our clients.

Each Winning workshop is, highly practical and applicable, it presents and practices a very methodical and ‘common sense’ mechanism for optimal self-management.

The workshop includes presentation and practice of the Winning method of self-debriefing, which is simple, effective and makes a decisive contribution to attaining an ongoing, meaningful improvement within any given sphere.

These programs include:

  • A 75-180 minutes lecture
  • A full-day workshops
  • A long-term implementation & maintenance program.

All workshops are interactive, fully involving the participants, with great emphasis placed on practical drilling that accurately and continuously translates the Winning content into the specific content world of the program participants.

“…. Shinar presents a fascinating model for Winning, while illustrating its suitability for many different content areas”…..