The Winner – that notion of success, achievement, super-quality – the person we identify with, aspire to, envy not just a little…..
Don’t we all want to be Winners, and be surrounded by other Winners?
But if you ask ten people “What makes a Winner?” you’re likely to get ten different answers…

winning concept
Thanks to extensive investigation Winning has revealed the answer, for the benefit of everyone concerned:
Winner means continuously and repeatedly generating successes rather than success being something sporadic that most people might achieve now and then.
Being a Winner is not necessarily about a high IQ or being especially gifted. But think about it – haven’t we all heard of super-talented people whose careers somehow fizzled out, while some ‘slow starters’ or ‘late bloomers’ went on to achieve greatness against all odds?
Being such a winner is the combination of: a) uncompromisingly maximizing our personal potential – even when under pressure or in a competitive scenario – and doing so again and again, and b) demanding of ourselves to keep on improving in terms of mental strength and the relevant skills.
The practical and fascinating outcome of this combination is a constant pushing of performance and achievement rate way beyond the limitations of our natural talents
How do Winners, who are not necessarily the most gifted ones within a given group of individuals, keep on breaking their own records? How do they continuously upgrade and improve their PBs [‘personal bests’], in many cases, eventually bypassing the more talented ones?
The answer: They take charge over their life. They act as their own coaches, i.e. they are concretely inspired, guided and oriented by the Winner Model.