Dear Sir/Madam,
we gladly confirm that Mr. Yehuda Shinar is successfully training our high potentials in the
“winning model”.

LEONARDO HOTELS is the European division of Fattal Hotels Group, founded by David Fattal in
Israel. Leonardo Hotels has been present with over 55 hotels in more than 25 destinations on the
European market since 2007. Spanning Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain,
Spain, Hungary as well as Italy, the hotel group with its 10,000+ rooms and over 20,000 m2
conference space, stands for hotels with unique ambiance, their own regional character and
individual appeal. All according to the company’s philosophy of »feeling good«, providing 100%
guest satisfaction. The company management for Europe is based in Berlin. Established in the 3-
4 star superior category, the Leonardo Hotels umbrella brand is complemented by the »Leonardo
Royal«, »Leonardo Boutique« and »Leonardo Inn« brands.
The proprietary Leonardo Academy gives 2,400 members of staff the opportunity to grow their
personal skills in development programs.
The aim of the Leonardo Academy is to train as many internal candidates as possible to be
promoted to next levels. There are several development programs for young professionals,
junior management levels and senior management levels and further specific programs for the
European sales force, the strategic finance department, the European human resources
department and the European revenue department.
In 2013 we started to introduce the winning model with trainings of Yehuda Shinar for our top
management level office department heads went through a semidiurnal training with Yehuda Shinar to understand
the winning model and to understand how to use the methods and tools to act and behave like a
winner. Since the wording of “winning” influenced our daily business the top management level
requested to include the “winning training” into the training programs of the Leonardo

In January 2014 we started to train the European sales force how to use the winning model in
respect of their sales business and we started at the same time to train all members of the
junior management development programs and the senior management development programs
in using the winning principles as part of their management style. To assure a sustainable
anchoring of the winning understanding we started to train all human resources managers in
understanding and using the winning principles as well.

After realizing that since January 2014 we developed a “company wording” regarding the
winning principles we are just about to create a “winning booklet” with the 12 winning
principles which became “a kind of bible” to all managers of our company. The wording of the
winning model influenced all skill trainings of the Leonardo Academy. It doesn´t matter if the
trainings are about time and self management, communication skills, complaint handling,
service orientation, upselling and so forth, every skill training is aligned to the winning

We can see the success of our company and of our managers in following the winning principles
and for us the winning seminar with Yehuda Shinar is a key success factor for the effectiveness
of the Leonardo Academy.


Anke Maas
European HR Director
Leonardo Hotels

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