England Rugby Team winning the world cup with WINNING

It was in 1999 that Yehuda Shinar and Clive Woodward, former manager, and head coach of the England rugby team became acquainted.

Clive was quick to grasp the unique potential of the Winning method and decided to adopt the concept and its principles (the winning model) as a strategic tool for his team’s defensive, offensive, training and general conduct. From that point on, the team has stabilized on a path of continuous successes, including the Grand Slam in the Six Nations Tournament in 2003 and the record World Cup win in 2003.

This accomplishment of the team is considered to be England’s greatest sport achievement of all time. This led to Clive Woodward receiving his Knighthood from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Sir Clive Woodward subsequently released his book “WINNING” and dedicated an entire chapter to his work with Yehuda Shinar and his Winning Methodology  – “What makes a winner?”. The title of the chapter being “Answers in Israel”.

“It isn’t necessarily the best team or the team with the best players that wins the game, but the team that can T-CUP. It’s what’s between the ears that counts”… Sir Clive Woodward)

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