Creating & identifying winners

Creating Winners

Winning knows how to create top class competitors through the to do list win concept illustration design over whiteempowerment and upgrading of winner qualities
as they derive from the Winning Model
For any occupation, together with the relevant content expert we start by analyzing the practical and professional implications of every component of the winner’s profile (according to the Model) as they derive from the three components:

  1. as a “warrior”
  2. As someone who “thinks correctly and makes the right decisions” even under pressure
  3. as a “skilled” professional

This is how to obtain a comprehensive picture of optimal Winner functioning in a given position that enables you to:

  1. Obtain precise assessments of the level of performance and quality of the Winner functioning of your team/staff
  2. Design a specific instruction/training program in light of gaps that have been revealed.
  3. Close functional, executional and achievement gaps.

Characterization and identification of Winners


The main basic assumption of Winning is that it is not necessarily talent that generates victory. The platform on which the highest-level achievements and victories are created comes first and foremost from the Winner’s level of quality of the individual. This gives rise to the supreme importance of recruiting Winners to the organization to begin with.
Winning knows how to instruct and guide HR staff in charge of recruiting and screening in the organization so they can identify potential winners in advance by analyzing characteristics and assessing qualities of potential candidates vis-à-vis the Winner Model.